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JZ Carpet Cleaning’s Story

January 12th 2022

JZ Carpet Cleaning is a true success story! Despite launching at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, skill, passion and determination meant JZ carpet cleaning has grown into a thriving business.

During our Southend-on-Sea Breakfast Club, we had the honour of interviewing John Edwards, owner of JZ Carpet Cleaning, about what it takes to be successful in the carpet cleaning industry – I’ll give you a clue, one of his secrets is the use of ultra pure water.

How it all began

After a long career truck driving, John decided it was time for a change, in 2019 he made the giant leap and started his own business.

John had always taken a keen interest in cleanliness and hygiene, and being a physical guy decided carpet cleaning was where he wanted to focus his attention.  John researched the training available and decided the course provided by ProChem was the one for him – he wasn’t wrong, the training left him “buzzing” and ignited his passion to put into practice everything he had learnt. Once John’s professional training was complete, JZ Carpet Cleaning Ltd launched… then the pandemic hit!


The COVID-19 pandemic almost cost John his fledgling business. After all the time and money he had invested, the restrictions prevented John from being able to provide his services. However, John rallied and persevered, despite the uncertainty, dedicating all his time and energy to ensuring the business stayed afloat. He has maintained this work ethic, continuing to work day, night and even weekends!

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What motivates John?

Not only does John have natural diligence towards cleaning, but he also finds it gratifying to help his customers. John prides himself in ensuring customer satisfaction, with specific attention to providing the best possible service he can. His close relationship with his customers motivates him to keep improving his trade. John’s new vocation also benefits his own health, mentally and physically. With full control of his business, John has found the change in his career exceptionally rewarding and hasn’t looked back!

Why ultra pure water with carpet cleaning?

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Using ultra pure water in carpet cleaning has a multitude of benefits, from extracting soaps left in the carpet to reduce allergens. This helps to make sure that the carpets dry faster, are left softer, resulting in the carpets being bacteria-free. All of this can then prolong the lifespan of the carpet.

With an abundant list of over 150 stains, John has perfected how to tackle each stain with the right balance of ultra pure water and diluted chemicals. Spotless Water has also helped protect John’s equipment from damage and limescale, these benefits save John both time and money enabling him to run a more efficient business.

John’s Tips:

  • Learn your trade, then learn some more
  • Persevere, even when times are hard keep going and you will succeed
  • Give the best customer service – being friendly and professional goes a long way
  • Educate your customers – if they understand what you are doing they will appreciate all the work you are putting in and are more likely to use you again
  • Use Pure Water – for the life of your machine, the potency of your chemicals and the results on the carpet

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