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Pure Water For
Car Detailing & Valeting

How Ultra Pure Water Can Enhance Your Service

When it comes to car detailing, perfection is key. Using Spotless Water as part of your detailing or valeting routine can save you time whilst maintaining the highest standards.

There are different stages to detailing and cleaning a car, from pre-wash to drying, and the process also commonly involves a pure water rinse.

The benefits of Spotless Waters ultra pure water to car detailers and valeters are numerous:

  • Ensure a spot free finish when using Spotless Water for the pure water rinse, even if the vehicle is left wet
  • Prolong the life of the vehicles paintwork. Spotless Water has had all impurities and deposits removed so there are no marks that can potentially damage the paintwork
  • Increase efficiency, especially during summer months when water evaporates more quickly. Using ultra pure water eliminates the risk of an imperfect finish by drying spot free even in the hottest weather
  • Save money by diluting your cleaning chemicals with Spotless Water. Having zero impurities in our ultra pure water means less product is required to be effective and it’s better for the environment

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Who Else Uses Ultra Pure Water?

From window cleaners and car detailers to chiropodists and photographers, those requiring ultra pure water are a diverse group.
Below are some examples of the customers types using Spotless Water.

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