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What is Ultra Pure Water

Here are the facts!

Here at Spotless Water we pride ourselves in providing the best ultra pure water on the market. But what IS ultra pure water and what do people use it for?

To understand the importance of Spotless Water you first need to understand TDS. TDS stands for Total Dissolvable Solids and is the measurement used to grade water purity, it measures the levels of inorganic salts, principally calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates and small amounts of organic matter that are dissolved in water. Whilst these dissolved solids are perfectly safe and, in some cases, essential to drink, they are not ideal for cleaning purposes and leave behind mineral deposits (spots) as they dry.

Our ultra pure water has had all minerals and impurities removed, making the water ideal for a multitude of uses including window cleaning, car valeting, solar panel cleaning and the aquatic trade. Making your own pure water is complex and time-consuming. It can be problematic dealing with issues such as water pressure and TDS levels. Spotless Water is produced to achieve the lowest parts per billion possible, removing all impurities to deliver water that is always 0.00 TDS to our customers!

The average household tap water ranges from 150-400ppm TDS. This water is ideal for consumption, however if used for cleaning, will leave behind mineral deposits and limescale as it dries – think about the spots on your shower screen and the limescale in your kettle. Turning household tap water into pure water can be a time consuming and expensive solution requiring investment into specialist equipment, filters and resins before you begin to factor in the water bill and your time. Using a Spotless Water station is the convenient, reliable and cost-effective option for those who want stress free access to water that is guaranteed to be ultra pure. Sign up for a FREE spotless water account here

How is Pure Water Made?

Pure water is created by filtering water to remove the impurities, common filtration processes include reverse osmosis and de-ionisation. Spotless Water goes through multiple filtration processes making it ultra pure with 0.00 TDS and we measure parts per billion!

Who Uses Ultra Pure Water?

From window cleaners and car detailers to chiropodists and photographers, those requiring ultra pure water are a diverse group.
Below are some examples of the industries using Spotless Water.

Other Uses Including the Unique & Unusual!

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Steam ironing
  • Vet services
  • Equipment sterilisation
  • Electrical system cooling
  • Dentistry
  • Beer & coffee brewing
  • Botanics
  • Vinyl cleaning
  • Mobile pet grooming
  • Misting systems
  • Aviation engineering
  • Car batteries
  • Hydrogen production
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