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The Future of Concessions

Concession Opportunities

We are actively looking to partner with local and national businesses across the UK to place Spotless Water filling stations in excellent locations.
Our concession opportunities allow you to add thousands to your bottom line with no risk to you or your business. All set up, survey and running costs are covered by us meaning a stress-free revenue stream and the potential to increase footfall to your own business.
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Example concession income

1 site = £3000 per annum
10 sites = £30,000 per annum
100 sites = £300,000 per annum

What’s in it for you?

  • No setup costs
  • Guaranteed income from £3000 a year per site
  • Increased footfall

We are looking for:

  • 24-hour site access
  • No gate
  • Easily located
  • 10x8ft space with room for customers’ vehicles

Register Your Interest:

    Refer a Site to Receive £350 Commission!

    We are actively looking for new sites across the UK, if you know a potential location, we want to hear from you!

    Simply approach the potential location and introduce Spotless Water to the site owner.

    If the site owner is interested in hosting a station, email their details to partner@spotlesswater.co.uk or complete the form below to enter our referral scheme. If the site is delivered, you will receive £350 just like Jason!

    mail partner@spotlesswater.co.uk phone 020 3936 3435
    • Spotless Water must have evidence of the site referral.
    • The person referring the site needs to have confirmation that the site owner is interested in hosting a station.
    • The person referring the site needs to get in contact with the site acquisitions team as part of the referral process before the contract is signed.
    • Any commission that is not claimed after the site goes live is not payable.
    • Part of the commission includes a photo at the filling station.

    £350 Referral

    If the site goes live from your referral, you will receive £350 for the great recommendation!


    Site Closer to You

    From your referral, you’ll get a local station which will be open 24/7.


    Nationwide Network

    Do you know any other good spots round the UK? Get in touch today.

    Refer a Site

      Increase the ‘Halo Effect’

      Want to Get Involved?

      If you host a Spotless Water station and want to offer a discount to our account holders, you will receive free promotion across the Spotless Water social media platforms and through digital marketing campaigns resulting in increased footfall, and the ‘Halo Effect’ where our customers will favour your business because they trust our service and recommendations.

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