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The UK’s leading ultra pure water distribution network.

Here at Spotless Water we understand that as a fish keeper, water quality is incredibly important. Some fish require soft water and some hard water. A solution to this is using purified water, as any aquatic habitat can then be recreated in the home aquarium.

Our water is purified which removes pollution and impurities, things that are often found in ordinary tap water and, if not taken care of correctly, can end up being incredibly harmful to both fish and corals. Spotless Water uses advanced technology to ensure our deionised water is guaranteed to be 0 TDS*, leaving it purer than most fish shops.

* This TDS level is precisely monitored 24/7 and is displayed on the self-service screen.

The Spotless Water stations are temperature controlled to ensure our pure water flows even in the coldest months and remains cool during Summer when the air temperature rises.


Open 24/7


More affordable than pet and aquarium shops


0 TDS to create the perfect base for your tank


No harmful impurities for aquariums

Who Else Uses Ultra Pure Water?

From window cleaners and car detailers to chiropodists and photographers, those requiring ultra pure water are a diverse group.
Below are some examples of the customers types using Spotless Water.

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