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Why We’re Number One

Pioneers in the Pure Water Industry

Spotless Water is an innovative technology-enabled provider of ultra-pure water. Our proprietary technology not only includes autonomous filling stations but continuous technical monitoring systems and a custom built management portal for both customer accounts and internal operations all created, built and maintained in house!

Our service is inclusive to everyone including window cleaners, car detailers, solar panel cleaners and aquarium owners amongst many others; however, the greatest benefits go to Spotless Water account holders who have access to our portal, easy account management, downloadable VAT invoices, itemised statements, site discounts, special offers and are the first in the know about new stations. If you don’t have an account sign up for free today!

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Competitive Pricing

Our ultra pure water starts from only 3.5p per litre! Regardless of whether you dispense a little or a lot, the per litre price at the station will remain the same.

Our super-fast flow dispensing stations allow you to fill up with ultra pure water in a few minutes for only a few pence per litre.


State of the Art Technology

Our custom built software runs the advanced self-service technology within our filling stations. Each station has an array of sensors to alert our head office to any issues or required maintenance. The performance, TDS level and water purity at each site are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Full Control Over Your Account

Navigating your Spotless Water account couldn’t be easier. With access via the portal or app, you can log in and download VAT compliant receipts, view your statements and even monitor usage across your fleet. Switching on the auto top-up feature keeps your account in credit, removes the need for card payments and eliminates the risk of lost receipts.


Replacement Key Fobs

Lost your fob? We’ve got you covered! If you have lost your key fob, or need an additional one for your growing business, you can now make the request straight from your account. Plus, you can allocate specific fobs to individual employees giving you full visibility of your business usage.


Refer Your Friends

We have streamlined our refer a friend process so you can simply log in to your account and share your personal code by text, email or even over social media. Once your referred friend has signed up and tapped their fob at a Spotless Water station, they will receive £10 and you will receive £25 free credit instantly onto your accounts! Click here to log in to your account and start referring!


Site Discounts

With your fob, you can access a variety of discounts at selected partner sites across the network. From cleaning equipment to fireworks, your discount will be applied when you flaunt your Spotless Water key fob during your purchase. Be the first to know about future site discounts by joining our mailing list – to subscribe click here.

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