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Pure Water For
Window Cleaners

Water Fed Pole & Ultra Pure Water

Whether you are an advocate of traditional methods or utilise a water fed pole system, Spotless Water will work for you.

Using our ultra pure water allows you to guarantee a perfect finish, whilst reducing the time required to complete each job.
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Our 0 TDS ultra pure water has no impurities or mineral deposits present to leave any water marks whilst cleaning windows. Our water is predominantly used by window cleaners who use a water fed pole, this method has been proven to be a safer and more efficient choice, avoiding ladders and potential injuries, plus no chemicals are required, just our ultra pure water for an immaculate finish.

Using Spotless Water and a water fed pole saves you time, increases your efficiency and leaves a spot free finish whilst allowing you to put your safety first.

Spotless Water stations are accessible across the UK, so no matter where your next job is, we’ve got you covered.

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Who Else Uses Ultra Pure Water?

From window cleaners and car detailers to chiropodists and photographers, those requiring ultra pure water are a diverse group.
Below are some examples of the customers types using Spotless Water.

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