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Making Your Own Pure Water vs. Spotless Water Services

Discover your potential savings with Spotless Water! Use our calculator to compare the cost of using our service to making your own pure water. Just enter your details and find out how much you can save!

Why choose Spotless Water?

Pinpoint Convenience Access ultra-pure water without the hassle of managing your own system with our nationwide network of 24/7 self-service stations
Avoid upfront costs and ongoing expenses associated with setting up and maintaining your own water purification equipment
Time Saving
Save time on maintenance, troubleshooting, and overall management of an at-home water production system
Unwavering Reliability
Count on consistent, top-quality ultra-pure water without the worry of fixing errors or system failures of your own at-home system
Regulatory Compliance
Trust in Spotless Water’s commitment to adherence to all regulations, ensuring industry-standard compliance
Invoicing and Tracking
Easily track your water usage and manage invoices conveniently through our Spotless Water app or through our Portal
Quality Assurance
Ensure consistent, top-quality ultra-pure water eliminating concerns about the effectiveness and reliability of an at-home system
Stress-Free Experience
Eliminate the stress of managing and maintaining your own water production system. Just pull up at our station and fill up!
Speed and Efficiency
Dispense water rapidly at up to 200 litres per minute, surpassing the pace of typical at-home systems, to save valuable time and effort
Rely on Spotless Water’s expertise in water purification ensuring that you receive the highest-quality water consistently
Environmental Impact
Opt for a lower environmental footprint compared to running an at-home water production system, ensuring sustainable practices
Tax Deductible Costs
Maximise your benefits with potential tax advantages, as the cost of Spotless Water is tax-deductible
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