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June 17th 2024

Spotless Water Secures £3.6 Million Investment for Growth and Innovation!

We have some thrilling news to share with our Spotless Water community! We’re delighted to announce that Spotless Water has secured a significant £3.6 million investment from YFM Equity Partners (YFM). This investment will help us bring you even better services and expand our reach over the next 24 months.

What This Means for You

Since we started in 2016, Spotless Water has been leading the way in providing ultra pure water (UPW). Our unique self-service technology and custom-built software have made us the go-to provider for eco-friendly UPW solutions across the UK. With this new investment, we’re set to make some fantastic improvements:

More Convenient Locations
We’re adding 100 new self-service stations across the UK! This means you’ll have more locations to choose from, reducing your drive time and making it easier than ever to access our services.

Faster Service
Our station upgrade program will bring fast flow rates of up to 200 litres per minute, making your experience quicker and more efficient.

Greener Solutions
We’re upgrading our stations with EDI technology to make them resin-free. This will make Spotless Water the first environmentally friendly source of pure water for our industry.

Tech Upgrades
We’re investing in the latest hardware and software to keep our stations at the cutting edge of innovation and reliability.

Hear from Our Leadership

Our CEO, Tim Morris, is just as excited as we are:

“We are thrilled to receive backing from YFM. Their support underscores the potential of our innovative, technology-driven model. With this investment, Spotless Water is poised to continue leading the UPW market, delivering efficient, accessible, and eco-friendly solutions to a broader audience.”

Helen Villiers, Investment Director at YFM, also shared her enthusiasm:

“Spotless Water exemplifies how grassroots ventures with unique propositions can thrive, especially when driven by proprietary technology. We are excited to support Spotless Water on their journey, helping them replicate their success and expand their network across the UK”

About Spotless Water

At Spotless Water, we’re passionate about setting new standards of excellence in self-service ultra pure water solutions. Since 2016, our innovative, easy-to-use stations have been making life simpler for our customers. With a growing national network of strategically placed stations and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we’re redefining the industry. Our core values of quality, reliability, innovation, sustainability, and accessibility drive us to deliver unmatched ultra pure water solutions.

About YFM

YFM invests in businesses with great growth potential across the UK. With offices in London, Leeds, Manchester, Reading, and Birmingham, YFM provides the support small businesses need to grow and succeed. They bring over 40 years of experience and a dedication to helping companies launch new initiatives, make transformative acquisitions, and upgrade their technologies. For more information, visit YFM Equity Partners their website or follow them on LinkedIn.

Thank you for being part of the Spotless Water journey. We’re excited about the future and can’t wait to bring you these new and improved services!

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