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A Collaboration with AUTOMATE

November 28th 2022

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with AUTOMATE!

AUTOMATE utilises the latest technology specifically tailored to remove all the hassle that can come with running your detailing business by providing an all-in-one industry leading booking management software.

If you’re tired of being inundated with admin or struggling to find the balance of work and personal life, AUTOMATE is built to alleviate these issues by providing you with the tools to get more bookings and more revenue with fewer phone calls! AUTOMATE allows your customers to make their own bookings based on your schedule and deals with all the admin that comes with that for you, AUTOMATE also manages your payments in one place and lets you set the parameters of when and how you’re paid allowing you to sit back and be certain that you’ll always be paid on your time.  

Spread the word about your business via AUTOMATE. Once subscribed to the AUTOMATE PRO package, AUTOMATE corresponds directly with Wash doctor, an established platform designed to bring your valeting business in front of customers by finding new leads, collecting reviews and automating marketing for you! A subscription is required to reap the full benefits of the service, however, the fee will be the last thing on your mind after seeing your revenue and customer base grow! As an added bonus, we are offering up to £20 free credit on your Spotless Water account when you sign up for AUTOMATE.

We provide the water, and AUTOMATE manages your customers and bookings, leaving you to focus on what you love! If you’re still uncertain about using AUTOMATE, they offer a free service which allows you to try before you buy and see for yourself exactly why AUTOMATE is your next favourite software. The free trial offers you to manage your bookings, schedule jobs and take deposits/in-person payments. However, if you’re looking for your business to really thrive, the Pro and Hero Packages are perfect for you.

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