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Freezing Systems – How Spotless Water has got you Covered Through the Winter

January 14th 2019

 Winter has arrived, and the freezing temperatures have only just begun which can be a huge inconvenience for the window cleaning and car valeting industry. Not only is it unpleasant getting up in the morning knowing you’ll be spending all day outside with freezing cold water, there is also the dread of finding your pure water supply has frozen, or worst case, your entire system is damaged. This massively delays your work and can cost a lot to fix.

Not only does the cold weather affect water that is already purified and ready to go, it also affects the purification process and the drop in temperature can have a big impact on the production rate of reverse osmosis (water purification). The colder the water gets, the slower the water molecules move across the semi-permeable membrane. This leads to a significant drop-off in the production of pure water, sometimes taking nearly triple the time to produce the same amount. RO system manufacturers expect a lot of phone calls at this time of year with people claiming that their system is producing 30 – 50% less water and the systems feedwater conditions haven’t changed, however the customer is not taking in to account the temperature of the feedwater. With the purification process taking much longer, it can result in window cleaners not being able to produce enough purified water for their days work and having to cut jobs.

Spotless Water filling stations have temperature control technology to keep the water at an average temperature all year round. When it comes to winter months, we keep a very close eye on any predicted freezing conditions and adapt our filling stations accordingly with winter packs to ensure all filling stations continue to run efficiently during the cold weather.

The winter packs include specialist trace heated hoses, internal heaters, and low-temperature nozzles, meaning that, even in the coldest of temperatures, the water will not freeze inside the tank, hose, or nozzle. It is important to note that the winter nozzles do not have the auto cut-off feature so it is important to not leave your tank filling unattended. We change our nozzles regularly and revert back to standard nozzles when temperatures are expected to rise back to normal again.  

Spotless Water is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*, meaning ultra pure water is always available. We pride ourselves in providing excellent 0 TDS water at just 3.5p per litre + VAT*, to make sure our customers receive a 5 star product at great value.

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