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Staying Safe in the Sun

July 22nd 2021
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This recent heatwave has definitely lifted the spirits for a lot of us with the year we’ve had! This weather couldn’t be better timing for COVID restrictions being lowered and we’re back to feeling a sense of normality. However, in industries like window cleaning and valeting, this unpredictable heatwave can be dangerous if you’re constantly exposed outside working all hours of the day!

Stay Hydrated!

When in the sun you’re inevitably going to be sweating as your body tries to maintain as cool as possible, so it’s very important to keep drinking plenty of fluids. The aim is to drink 6-8 glasses a day at least or more if you are feeling thirsty. With such an active vocation, it’s critical to stay hydrated especially in this unprecedented heat!

Shade is Your New Best Friend

It’s not always a choice whether you’re exposed to the sun in your particular trades but taking regular breaks out of the sun is essential to battling this weather. Taking incremental breaks in the shade will let your body cool down naturally and get a break from the UV rays. The sun is at its peak between 11am-3pm so trying to avoid working in these hours, or at least try to take regular breaks in a covered area.

Keep Protected

Cover and lotion are fundamental to avoid heatstroke or sunburn. Wearing protective clothing like hats and sunglasses help protect your skin from sun rays, paired with a high SPF sun cream to avoid burning is a great way to stay safe. Remember, if you’re going to be perspiring a lot, it would be best to get a water-resistant lotion so it lasts longer. It’s always best to re-apply sunscreen every other hour to maintain the protection!

Remember, prevention is always better than cure! Make sure you listen to your body and take rests to cool down when possible.

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