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Window Cleaning in the Rain – Yes or No?

January 15th 2020

The weather can affect many things and window cleaners in particular are often left in a debate about whether to work in the rain or not. The main worry being that, once the windows have been cleaned, will the rain then affect the results and leave them dirty, stemming an unhappy customer? 

People have mixed opinions, and it will come down to personal preference at the end of the day, however, we are going to run though the facts and help you make up your mind as to whether you should clean in the rain or not.


The main concern for window cleaners (apart from how wet and cold they will get!) is the finish of the customer’s windows. Will the rain fall on the freshly cleaned windows and then leave spotting? It is known that rainwater can sometimes be incredibly clean and often have a very low TDS reading, which would mean the rain will not affect the windows, however, with rain often comes wind, and depending on whereabouts you are (open to strong winds in the countryside or more sheltered in a city) and how heavy the rain is, can mean that dirt and dust particles gather in the rain when falling, leaving impurities on the glass that will show once dry. Because of this, some companies choose to offer a rain guarantee, such as “we still work in the rain, however if you find that your windows are not left with the same standard as usual, we will return to do them again”. The majority of customers will read this and be happy knowing that their windows will be fine either way, and the chances of you actually having to go back and clean them are slim.

You will also need to think about health and safety – as working in heavy rain or wind can be dangerous. Long poles might be harder to support, and ladders can be slippery and unsecure. Vision is also restricted. Make sure it is safe to work, especially if you have staff members that could be in danger. One day working in the rain is not worth the risk of being put out of work for days, weeks or even months. 


If you decide to not work in the rain, it doesn’t necessarily mean the day needs to be wasted. Don’t forget about canvassing opportunities, or admin tasks that can be completed at home. There are many other tasks that come with running a business, accounting, marketing or even a job as simple as sorting out your work van and giving your equipment a bit of TLC. These can all still help towards the running of your business, as well as keeping safe and dry in wet and windy conditions!

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