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Using Pure Water for Car Detailing

February 7th 2019

When it comes to car detailing, perfection is key. Some people pay anything up to £500 to get their cars detailed and therefore expect to get nothing less than a superb finish for their money. There are different stages to detailing and cleaning a car, from pre wash, to drying, and the process also commonly involves a pure water rinse.

A pure water rinse is carried out in order to achieve a spotless finish on the car. When using tap water to rinse off it can result in water marks remaining on the paintwork, chrome or glass. This is due to impurities in the water, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, copper and iron. If the water isn’t dried straightaway using a drying cloth then it will eventually evaporate and dry naturally, however the impurities will remain on the surface. When dry, these impurities are visible to the human eye and appear as a light grey mark on the surface, not only do these marks look bad but they are also really tricky to remove and if left can also be damaging to the paintwork. This can be a problem all year round, but especially in the summer months when temperatures rise and the water evaporates quicker than usual. In some situations, it can be so hot that it’s impossible to get round the whole car before it starts drying. 

With purified water all the impurities have been removed, therefore if it is left to dry naturally, the water will evaporate the same, however there will be nothing left behind to create water marks. This will ensure a spotless result.

Initially, pure water is more expensive to buy than ordinary tap water, however for a lot of companies the advantages of using it make up for the cost in the long run. Time and energy are saved massively just by using purified water for the final rinse, and for any detailing company time equals money. 

Spotless Water offers ultra pure water that is created using the most advance technology, meaning the quality is higher than the average purified water and is always a guaranteed TDS level of 0. It is available from a number of self-service filling stations located around the UK which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The water is available from just 3.5p per litre + VAT..

You can sign up for free either by calling our team on 0800 35 76 76, or by visiting our homepage.

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