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How Spotless Water is helping the environment

July 26th 2017

With the traditional method of window cleaning, certain products are needed to ensure a satisfactory finish. These products consist of liquids, gels or detergents that are added to water in order to create an efficient way of getting through dirt, rust, limescale and soap residue. Once the product has been applied, either as it comes or after being diluted with water, it is then applied to the glass using a sponge or cloth. Even though these products are very effective, they are also made with a lot of chemicals, which isn’t so good. Chemicals such as Anmonia, Propan and Ethanol are commonly used in window cleaning detergents. These toxic chemicals will remain on the surface being washed, and also will run down the walls, doors, and surroundings of the surface, such as grass, flowerbeds, and plants, and although discouraged, any leftover solution will most likely get poured down nearby drains. This can cause environmental damage and is also very harmful to wildlife and pets.

Pure water is now taking over the cleaning industry, with numerous window cleaners realising the many benefits. It allows the window to be cleaned without needing to be dried after. Because there are no impurities in the water, it can dry naturally and won’t leave any spot marks, resulting in a much quicker and easier job. There are different ways to create pure water. Purification tablets can be used to add to the water, and are made from Chlorine Dioxide or Iodine. They kill bacteria and viruses in the water and the result is decent, however the water still contains toxins that are harmful to the environment and pets.

Spotless Water creates ultra pure water, made using advanced technology that filters the water using a water filtration system instead of chemicals. It creates ultra pure water (measured in part per billion) so you get brilliant results with the added benefit of not harming the environment.

Spotless water is the green way of washing windows as it is 100% toxin and chemical free. Helping to save, plants, grass, trees and wildlife. It also reduces waste of water, as there will be no need to pour any unused water down the drain.

To find out more about our 24 hour pure water stations, please visit spotlesswater.co.uk

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