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COVID Cleaners with Mark Maslin

March 16th 2021

The window cleaning business is profitable, flexible and you are your own boss- what’s not to like? From our most recent customer survey, it’s apparent that many people are turning to window cleaning as a new opportunity, due to the effects of COVID and the endless redundancies. One of our customers, Mark Maslin, gave us a great insight into how he found starting up his own window cleaning business after being made redundant in June.

Where to Begin?

If you are also feeling lost in this new window cleaning world, you’re not alone! It can be very daunting starting from square one with no previous knowledge, so it’s best to take it one step at a time. To begin with, research- a great way to avoid jumping in headfirst is to research window cleaners who have years of experience under their belt.

A great tool for this is Youtube. There are thousands of videos debating water fed pole vs traditional, the best equipment to use, and tutorials on how to clean windows most effectively. “If you need to learn about window cleaning, the first thing you do is jump on YouTube and find a video” claims Maslin, who found this tool extremely helpful in understanding the way of the window cleaner. Two videos he recommended were Dan Smithson and A E Macintosh Cleaning Services.

Another element to note is your health and safety. This isn’t your regular office job- there are many more risks. It is vital to consider your health and safety before any job and make sure you are comfortable with the work ahead. Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) can be an issue among window cleaners, so ensuring you take regular breaks and avoid overworking can help prevent any long-term pain.

Now you have an idea on HOW to clean windows, the next step is WHO.

How do I Get Customers?

It’s all well and good knowing how to clean the windows, now you need to find where to apply your new skill.

Firstly, Facebook! Facebook can be an essential networking tool, from free advertisement to connecting to fellow window cleaners like yourself. Forums can be a great starting point to help you get on your feet, where you can interact with professionals and see what equipment they recommend, or which to steer clear of. Plus, most window cleaning forums are very accepting and are always on hand to give out great advice to those who have any queries. There are often questions about how window cleaners advertise and get new leads, with ideas such as pamphlets, knocking door to door, and Facebook posts.

This leads to the next key point: using Facebook to attract customers. Facebook is the ideal platform for starting up a small business. Get your friends and family to share your business posts to gain new leads, as one of the best forms of advertisement is through word of mouth. Maslin found Facebook to be a great benefit to his initial progress in window cleaning, who after posting a status advertising his services, had an influx of interest: “The response went mental and I’ve been busy for the last 3 weeks!”.

Another good tip is starting local. Begin with knocking on your neighbours’ door (socially distancing, of course) or any house which looks like it needs a bit of TLC. Maslin found this technique to be extremely effective, as he too would see a dirty window and offer his services. ”I haven’t had a rejection yet – from every person I’ve spoken to. I was super surprised” plus Maslin also offers gutter cleaning as an additional service.

What Do I Need?

Starting a new vocation can be daunting- and expensive! From Maslin’s research, he noted how much just the water can cost: “Then I started to find out about the RO systems to clean the water. For me, the cost was mounting at this point”. This is when he found Spotless Water, an alternative to spending thousands on his own RO system.

“The system is really good – perfect for someone just starting out and doesn’t want to have all the expenses of creating their own RO system in their shed”.

We understand the costs it takes to begin a business, so we are glad we can help reduce the costs for an element of your new vocation. For the correct equipment apart from the water, Maslin recommends for startups to use the backpack system. Maslin notes “Now I’m starting to use [Spotless] I use backpacks for my water fed system as it’s cheap and easy and I can carry and put it in awkward places”. These backpacks are an ideal initial investment, as they are light and easily transported, perfect for a start-up without breaking the bank.

One main point to take from this is there are many others like you who are starting out, and it will require time and devotion. However, this opportunity will lead to a great experience, meeting new people daily and growing your business every step of the way. We are proud to support such a dedicated industry and are always here to help!

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