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1 Minute With Pryor’s Window Cleaning

November 12th 2019

In October this year we met up with Lee Pryor, Founder and Managing Director of Pryor’s Window Cleaning, to have a chat about how Spotless Water has improved the way his window cleaning business operates.

Pryor’s Window Cleaning is a family run business based in Horley, Surrey. They have a fleet of 12 vans that are all equipped with the Reach & Wash system and between them serve over 6000 households across the South East. With each van needing approximately half a tonne of pure water a day, it is vital that top quality pure water is always available to the company.

Lee signed Pryor’s Window Cleaning up to have a Spotless Water account at the Cleaning Expo UK Show in 2017 and have used the filling stations ever since. Lee told us that “Spotless Water is vital to the development of our business” as it allows their staff members to dispense top quality pure water whenever they need it. Knowing this is available 24/7 and at such great quality takes the worry away from Lee and frees up his time to focus on other business priorities.  

With Pryor’s Window Cleaning covering such a wide area, having multiple pure water filling stations located throughout the UK allows their staff members to fill up while out and about at their local filling station. Lee said that “Spotless Water filling stations are dotted around the areas we cover and we find that invaluable to our operation, if one of our vans is out and runs out of water that would usually mean the end of the day but now with the Spotless Water filling stations they can go to a local station, fill up and continue working and earning money for the business”

Each Pryor’s staff member has their own Spotless Water key fob that is linked to the main company account. When water is dispensed, Lee can see this on the account, along with where they filled up, how much water they dispensed, the date/time & location of fill. This information is all stored on the company account and be accessed at any time through the website or App. Staff members can also use the app to find and get directions to their local filling station. Lee told us: “The Spotless Water app is absolutely fantastic, all our drivers have it on their mobile phones now. It will navigate them to their nearest filling station. Having a Spotless Water account means we can also monitor how much water they are using each week per driver”

See full video here: 

 “Spotless Water will help our industry develop over the next few years across the UK as more and
more window cleaners turn to Water Fed Pole and the reach and wash systems”

If you would like to know more about how Spotless Water could help your business grow and develop then please get in touch on 0800 35 76 76, and we will be happy to help. All new account holders will receive a welcome pack in the post containing everything they need to get started, including £20 worth of pure water for free.

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