Squeegee and Spotless Collaboration

Squeegee and Spotless Collaboration

Mon 16 Sep 2019


After months of meetings and planning, Spotless Water are pleased to announce the joining in partnership with Squeegee, a fast growing scheduling system for the window cleaning industry.

Squeegee began in August 2017, when an innovative bunch of developers realised some problems commonly experienced by window cleaners. Time and time again they would come back to how window cleaners weren't best served when it came to technology, and the industry in general was missing an innovative software solution.

Spotless Water share this vision when it comes to using modern day technology in order to help make window cleaners lives as easy and as efficient as possible, and so we have collaborated!

Spotless Water filling stations will now appear on the Squeegee map, allowing window cleaners to plan pure-water fill up's within their round. This will benefit many customers and help then to save a lot of time whilst out and about completing their days work.