Harlow Pure Water Filling Station

Harlow Pure Water Filling Station

Wed 27 Nov 2019

Valley Industrial Products, Perry Road, Harlow, CM18 7NF

Price per litre = 3.5p + VAT 

Harlow ultra pure water filling station is now open. Providing window cleaners, car valeters and home aquarium owners a cost-effective, convenient way of purchasing top-quality pure water.

The Spotless Water Filling Station Harlow is located just outside Valley Industrial, suppliers of a massive range of cleaning maintenance and janitorial products, which is extremely handy should you need any supplies whilst you fill up.

The pure water filling station can be found just off Perry Road, near Staple Tye shopping centre. You will see the brick building with the “Valley Industrial” logo on your right-hand side, turn right into the entrance and you will see the blue Spotless Water filling station located just before the gate.


The pure water filling station is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning ultra pure water is available whenever you need it. There is no gate code required, simply turn up, swipe your key fob, and fill.


If you haven’t yet got your Spotless Water key fob, then you can sign up for free on our website.

For more information and prices please go to our website, call 0800 35 76 76 or download our App on iTunes or Google Play Store.