Birmingham Pure Water Filling Station

Birmingham Pure Water Filling Station

Wed 25 Jul 2018

Access Self Storage, 180 Sherlock St, Birmingham, B5 7EH

Price per litre = 3.5p + VAT

Spotless Water Birmingham Central is now open and ready to provide businesses and individuals ultra pure water, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The demand for pure water is very high, particularly in the cleaning industry. Window cleaners and car detailers in particular have a constant need for pure water and having it so easily available will make a massive difference to the way they work.

Spotless  Water ensures cost-effective, quality and reliable pure water in Birmingham and its surrounding areas. The ultra pure water is priced at just 3.5p per litre + VAT and you can dispense as little or as much as you need, very much like a petrol pump.

The Birmingham Spotless Water Filling Station is located at Access Self Storage Birmingham Central, just off Sherlock Street. You will see the big blue building and through the gates is where the Spotless Water filling station is located. Birmingham is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week meaning ultra pure water is always available whenever needed, however if you are planning to visit outside of working hours then you will require a gate code in order to access the site. Once you have verified your account, this gate code can be found when logged in on the Spotless Water website/app. In order to verify your account, please email us ( with a copy of your photo id. This is for security reasons and is only applicable for Access Self Storage sites. If the code changes, we will send out a text message to all customers, therefore, please make sure your mobile number is kept up to date on your account. On exit of the site please ensure the gate is locked behind you.


For other Spotless Water location details download the Spotless Water app, available on both iTunes or Android. With the app you can then set up an account, find your local pure water filling station, load credit and download invoices. You can also see these on our locations page, as well as coming soon locations, which we are aiming to get out as soon as possible so stay tuned for updates on new filling stations. If you have an account with us you will receive regular updates on our new and coming soon locations.

For more information and prices please go to our website, call 0800 35 76 76 or download our App on iTunes or Google Play Store.