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Ultra Pure Water

Our ultra pure water goes through multiple filtration processes, meaning it is free of any impurities!


Our ultra pure water is produced to achieve the lowest parts per billion possible, ensuring our TDS levels are always at 0. For further exploration into what is ultra pure water, click here.

Our demographic ranges from window cleaners to car detailers and valeters! As our ultra pure water is perfect for cleaning, many trades like solar panel cleaning, medicine and dentistry use ultra pure water for sterilisation and cleaning.


Plus, we have a large customer base who use our water for hobbies, including fishkeeping and aquariums, botanics and home brewing as Spotless Water provides the perfect product for a multitude of uses.

Our water is tested to achieve the lowest parts per billion so our TDS is always at 0. This means it has had all impurities from usual tap water completely removed, leaving it the purest water on the market.

Our water pure isn’t tested for human consumption so we do not recommend you drink it!


If it is remineralised as such in the process of home brewing, then once you have carried out the correct testing, our water may be consumable once additional elements are mixed in.

To maintain its purity, ensure the container you are using to keep your ultra pure water has been sterilised so it doesn’t contaminate the water.


We recommend keeping our water away from direct sunlight to avoid any chance of legionella and to use the water once dispensed from our stations within the next few weeks.

Account Management

You can still use the self-service filling station without an account, simply use your debit or credit card for payment.


Signing up for a Basic Account is free and simple, plus you then get the benefits of a free key fob, easy account management where you can track your transactions and top up online so you don’t need to even bring your card to the station!


To sign up in a few steps, click here.

Yes, you can claim the cost of the pure water as a business expense! As an account holder, your transactions will be listed in a downloadable format in the portal, where you can also toggle the dates.

If you are a ‘Pay As You Go’ customer without an account your receipt will be emailed to you each time you fill up. If you have an account with us then all your invoices will be logged under your transaction history if you log in through a browser.

Yes! If you’re a Basic Account User, all your transactions will be listed in your portal, which you can download into a PDF.


You will need to log in to your account through the website to be able to access the download feature for all statements and receipts.

There are no contracts with a Basic Account, you are free to use it as much or as little as you like.

Yes, if you have a Basic Account, it’s easy to assign fobs to your employees and track your usage in the portal.

After you have setup an account you can then request your key fobs, you will need to create additional users to assign the key fobs to. While you are waiting for your key fob to arrive in the post you can use the sites as a pay as you go customer with your debit or credit card. If you need a key fob urgently, then let us know by calling the team on 0800 35 76 76.

Once you have set up a Basic Account, you will automatically be sent a key fob with a welcome pack in the post. You can then simply use your new fob at your closest station, plus you can top up your balance through the portal and request multiple fobs once signed in.

You can reset your password at the portal, simply press ‘I forgot my password‘ and enter your email, then follow the instructions.

You can log into your account by clicking the ‘My Account‘ button found at the top right of our website, or click here!

You can add as many employees in your portal, plus you can link and assign individual key fobs to each employee.

Key Fobs

Yes, you can have multiple fobs on your Basic Account, which you can also then link to individual employees.

You can access your account at the station by using your fob number to log in if you forgot to bring it with you.

Your unique key fob number can be found either in the portal or on the back of your fob. We recommend you jot down your fob in case you lose it!

You can simply request a new key fob in your Basic Account portal, plus you can request multiple fobs if necessary too. You can also contact our customer service team to get one sent out for you.

No, We don’t charge for any lost or additional fobs. Simply email our customer service team and they will be more than happy to send you a new one.

You can view and update your key fob pin on our portal, just log in here!

Stations & Locations

All our filling stations with their addresses can be found on our Locations page.

Our filling stations dispense water at 100 litres per minute!

You can find gates codes in your portal, or call our team on 0800 35 76 76 to help.

Our stations are designed with heated hoses and nozzles to help to prevent our water from freezing before it’s dispensed in adverse weather.

The containers are designed to handle peak usage and while water is being dispensed more ultra-pure water is being created.


The system is industrial size and runs far quicker & economically than those you would normally find in the back of a van or in a garage at home.

On the rare occasion our site isn’t working, our station will go into free vend so you can still dispense 100 litres at a time.


If you call us on 0800 35 76 76, we have a team of engineers ready to fix any issues and get the station back up and running as soon as possible.

When our stations are under maintenance or not working, we switch our stations to free vend so you can still dispense whilst we work. This means you can then dispense 100 litres at a time at no cost.


Once you have dispensed 100 litres, simply replace the nozzle and pick it up again each time to continue filling up.

You can request a new location on our Locations page or through your portal. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 35 76 76.

The minimum you can buy is 1 litre and the maximum is 10,000 litres.

No there isn’t!

Partner Programme & Site Referral Scheme

As we are actively looking to partner with local businesses across the UK to rent a car park space on a business premise for one of our water filling stations, we have begun the Partner Programme to reach out Nationwide.


This concession opportunity is entirely free, as all setup and running costs are covered by us. Plus, you will get up to £3,000 per annum for rent from us!

To open as many sites as possible, we’re asking you the customer for your local knowledge.


If you recommend a good site and their commercial premise is selected for a Spotless Water site installation, you will receive £350!

To ensure our sites are up to the Spotless Water’s standards, we look for the following points:

• Good access
• No gate
• Easily located
• 24-hour site access
• 10x8ft space with room for customers’ vehicles

If you refer a site and it goes through to a live Spotless Water station, you will receive £350 for the great referral.


If you get a site set up on your premises, you will get up to £3,000 rent from us, plus an increased footfall to your site and promotion across Spotless Water’s platform.

If you know of a good spot for a Spotless Water station, call us on 020 3936 3435 or drop us an email on

Help & Support

Feel free to give us a call on 0800 35 76 76 or drop us an email at

Our sites are monitored by CCTV.

You can drop us an email or give us a call to let us know which site so we can look into this and resolve any issues.

Our prices are excluding VAT.

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